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How to Apply


Foreign students who would like to apply for a school dormitory need to make sure to answer "Yes" to the question "Will you require on-campus accommodation?” on the “Application Form for International Students Wishing to Study at Soochow University”. You can send an email to interdorm@suda.edu.cn, or call the International Office of Soochow University 13862400901 for reservation.

Payment notice: 

A. Hand in a copy of your passport (passport page and visa page). 

B. Check your room number and make sure to fill out the “International Students' On-campus Accommodation Application Form”. 

C. Purchase a campus card: 20 RMB, bedding (400 RMB per set) if necessary. 

D. Bring the second part of the “International Students' On-campus Accommodation Application Form” to pay for the dormitory in Room 407 Yiyuan Building. Chinese bank cards are required. Cash is not accepted. (On the day of registration, cards and cash are both accepted.) 

E. Obtain the third part of the “International Students' On-campus Accommodation Application Form” with your voucher, and hand in the third part to the Dormitory Management Office. 


 A. Apartment #1 (male students), Apartment #2 (female students), Apartment #3 (mixed students) 

Shared room: 800 RMB/month (during the school year), 500 RMB/month (during holidays), 4000 RMB/semester 

Single room: 1400 RMB/month (during the school year), 1000 RMB/month (during holidays), 7000 RMB/semester 

B. Apartment #17 & 18 (female students) Apartment #15 (male students)

Shared Room: 600 RMB/month (for school days and for holidays), 3000 RMB/semester

Before moving in: 

A. Obtain the key to your apartment with the third part of the “International Students' On-campus Accommodation Application Form” and deposit 200 RMB. Please keep the voucher to obtain your deposit when you move out.   

B. Where you pick up your key you can obtain your account and password for internet access and you will be allowed 200 hours of free internet service per month.