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Tests and Scores

 All international students are required to take part in the assessment prescribed in the teaching plans of the course. A hundred marks system with 60 marks pass is adapted to grade the results of students. The assessment of courses mainly depends on the marks in the mid-term, final exams, with the reference to the general performance and attendance in class.

1.Postpone examination

If a degree student can not take part in the final examination on time with any special reason, he/she can apply in advance. For degree students, they can fill out a form, and then submit it to the teaching affairs office. When the application is permitted by teaching affairs office, international students’ office and the registrar office, he/she can postpone the exam at the beginning of the new semester. The result of the postponed examination is recorded in the accordance on the test paper. If students apply to postpone the examination, they are not allowed to take the makeup examination.

2. Makeup exams

Those degree students whose result is below 60 must take part in the makeup examination, but they are entitled to have only one chance. The results of the makeup exams will be recorded as 60 if the students pass. Non-degree student can apply for a makeup exam at the beginning of the semester and should make an extra payment 200RMB per course to be eligible. Students who fail the makeup examinations or are absent from the exams can apply to restudy the module. There is no make-up exam for those who are absent or fail in the mid-term exam for personal reasons. If the student did not take the mid-term exam, he/she will get zero which occupies 30% of the actual score of the overall grade.