Application procedure 

 (1) Applicants who are interested in the Chinese program can inquire by phone, mail or internet, and fill out the form online. 

 (2) Soochow University will send qualified applicants a “JW202 Form”, Letter of Admission”, “Admission Notice” and “Physical Examination Form for Foreigners” if necessary. The “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” is not required if study period is less than 6 months. 

 (3) The deadline of application for the new semester is due by the end of June or December. 

 (4) Applicants must visit a Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country to obtain an entry visa along with all the application documents. 

 (5) Applicants are expected to come for registration at the required time with all the documents. 

Registration procedure 

Room 107 Registration → Room 103 Payment → Room 201-205 Placement test → Room 101 Buy textbooks 

Entry Visa 

International students must possess a regular passport, with either a study visa (X1 or X2) to enter China. 

  (1) Type of visas: A student under an X1 visa, within 30 days of entering the country, must go to Jiangsu Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit (Before that, you must prepare the verified the health certificate in Suzhou and temporary registration form in the local police station. Documents should be prepared as well with the help of the students’ affairs office). A student under X2 visa, he/she is allowed to stay in China within the period permitted on the visa without extra entry. X2 visa is possible to be extended one time for the same period. 

  (2) Visa information record: Students arriving at school on other types of visas must go to the international students’ affairs office to show your passport, visa to personnel responsible for this issue and receive their advice and instructions. 

  (3) Child and spouse visa: Soochow University can help international students extend a visa for a spouse or children. Visas for a spouse or children may done with both notarized versions and translated ones of marriage/birth certificate issued in the Chinese embassy in their home countries, their visas can be extended to one year if the students are going to study for one year. The expiration of the last extension may not exceed the expiration of the student’s own visa. 

Visa Application Procedure 

   A. After the official letter for visa applications has been issued by the university, X1 visa holders should fill in the Visa and Residence Permit Application Form. Students should provide the Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals, health certificates, admission notice, both original passport and a copy of your passport within 30 days after entry to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau for new valid duration of stay. The application period is 15 days. 

   B. After the X2 visa holders fill in the Visa and Residence Permit Application Form, you can go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to extend your duration in China with the Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals, an official letter from the school, and your original passport and a photocopy. The application period is seven days. 

   C. Fees: Residence permit less than 12 months: 400RMB 

   Residence permit 12-36 months: 800 RMB 

Contact Address 

School of Overseas Education, Soochow University, 

 No 333 Ganjiang Road, Suzhou, 215006, China 

 Tel: 86-512-67165752